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Hello to all,

After 3 years testing controllers, trying to find out an affordable controller for the EV community, I realise Kelly have corrected most problems they had in the past, they are good controllers now (KDHE series), easy to configure and install. I'm offering to you a reduced price, I buy wholesale now from them.

I have tested them in a 2012 Nissan NP300 cargo truck, VW Classic Beetles and a 2006 MINI Cooper, with 9" DC Series Wound motors. Silent operation, no whee sound like the Curtis.

They can be used in all DC Motors 13", 11", 9", 8" and 6.7" motors: AMD/ADC, NetGain Warps, Kostovs, GEs, D&D, etc. For DC PM Motors, REGEN is a built-in feature in this controller.

1) 120V 1500A, at $1300 USD - More powerful than any Curtis, ideal for 13" or 11" Motors
2) 144V 800A, at $950USD (This is better than the popular and old classic Curtis 144V500A), I have measured 600A peak, 400 continuos, ideal for 11" or 9" Motors.
3) 144V 600A $750 USD (similar to the Curtis 144V500A, half price!)
3) 120V 1200A $1100 USD
4) 120V 1000A $900 USD
5) 120V 800A $700 USD
6) 120V 600A $550 USD (Very similar to the Curtis 120V400A, but half price and much better technology built in)

144V models maximum voltage is 180V (52 LiFePO4 cells)
120V models maximum voltage is 136V (40 LiFePO4 cells)

I'm using one 120V600A controller in my VW running at 70MPH max speed with a 96V FLA battery pack (16x6V230Ah) and a 9" motor. Need more speed/ power? Go for a bigger controller or battery pack.

The Nissan NP300 is using just 32 LiFePO4 cells 180Ah, have 75MPH Max Speed with a simple 9" Motor, clutch design.

The MINI Cooper is using 40 LiFePO4 cells 120Ah, 80 MPH, same 9" motor

The amperage that Kelly advertises is measured from the Controller to the Motor, not from where many of us measure (battery side to the controller)

Add $75USD for FedEx Shipping to any country

*** FREE for you: J1 and J2 wiring harnesses on every controller.

This controllers support most pot-boxes, have heat protection to the motor (with a thermistor wiring), over/under voltage protection, provide LED status for monitoring, you can configure max battery current, max motor current, etc.

Configuration PC software is included for free and their config cable is a simple cheap and standard USB to Serial Port, no proprietary and expensive cables are required.

New controllers, 12 month warranty.

I Accept PayPal and wire transfers. PM me for more information.


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