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grass roots

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hey ya all heres some interesting e-mail that I recently had with jon at grass roots in neveda comments?

Dear Lou-ace,
I have spent a good deal of time evaluating various sources for lithium
batteries. As it turns out there are quite a few lithium battery
manufacturers. However, finding one source that is the best value for an
Electric Vehicle is daunting. After a lot of e-mails and phone
conversations we have concluded that Energetech Lithium-ion Phosphate
(LiFePO4) battery packs will give you the best value in performance,
construction, energy density, longevity, price and delivery. They use
Chinese made HiPower lithium batteries that as you may know need special
care when being charged and discharged. Therefore, special due diligence
has been exerted to find a superior Battery Management System ‘BMS’ which
will assure maximum battery life. We know the one thing that you want for
your vehicle is a reliable battery pack that will assure you years of
satisfactory driving pleasure. Energetech has been in business for 34
years and will give a full two years replacement warranty on all batteries
that are not mis-used. You will need a battery charger program for lithium
batteries I think the Zivan chargers are the best but you may have to have
yours reprogrammed.
Yours Truly,
702 2777544

> Hi Jon, lou-ace here, greetings from the northwest! I'm presently
> converting a small truck to electric ( ADc 9" motor installed, curtis
> 1231c
> controller, zivan charger, switches ect), and was planning on using trojan
> t-145
> batt. pack. I'm intriqued by your li-po battery advertised on the
> grassroot
> site. can you fill me in more on it? who makes it? is it compatible with
> conventional DC charging methods? Frankly it sounds to good to be true (
> although expensive). what track record/ history is there with this kind of
> technology? ect. rsvp to this e-mail address please. thanks........
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when reading the Grassroots website description for battery kinda sounds like the prices include the you know if this is the case?


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I just ordered the AC50 kit and mounting kit for a fiero from grassroots. This is a good bit of capital to spend without ever meeting someone.

Has anyone here had any experience with grassroots?
What did you order?
How quickly did it ship?
Was Jon responsive after the sale?

Thanks in advance for any input. Just want to increase my confidence level of the purchase. Also, I have the batteries/chargers/BMS to still order and I am not sure if I should spread the risk out or stay with the same vendor.
Just an observation.... but maybe u should have asked before :eek:....just sayin'.....
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