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I just registered with this site today and am thinking about beginning an EV conversion. I snooped around the site a little before registering and found a lot of great info and a lot of knowledgeable folks. I have no experience with the EV world, but I have done some DIY in the petrol world. I've replaced engines, transmissions, wiring, brakes, etc. I am by no means a mechanic, but I can usually get done what I need at home, although it takes me about twice as long as paying someone to do it. I have a pretty good set of tools and best of all, great friends who have every tool I could possibly ever need. I'm looking to start this project as sort of a hobby, but want it to look professional, be safe, and functional.

I have a 1973 Super beetle that I drove home and completely disassembled. It is in boxes, every single bolt, screw, bulb, wire, glass, engine, everything is apart. Body is on sawhorses. I have a ledger that I took notes in as to what I did to disassemble every part along with drawings, wrench sizes, etc in the order I took it apart, so I think I can get it back together pretty easily. I also wrote down everything that was obviously broken or worn out so I can replace it. Honestly, it is the easiest car to work on I have ever seen.

Don't mean to ramble, but wanted you all to know what I have to work with. Cost is an issue, time is not. I have looked at EV West and places like that and I just can't afford those motors even though it would be nice to buy and install a kit and be done with it. I have a buddy that owns a battery store, so hopefully I can work with him on price, but still need to know best options for motor and battery size (and type) for this car. I am hoping to get a range of 100-150 miles + with close to twice the power of the original 44 HP engine. Options like heat/AC, are important too. I'm not building a show quality car, but I do want it to be nice.

Thanks, and am looking forward to learning from you all.
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