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EV conversion is every customer's fantasy until they get the estimated cost.

A bespoke car conversion is close to $200k (not counting target vehicle) for a reason -- in times where you can buy a new production EV for 80% less money.

It's got to be a very special vehicle to that customer to dump all that money into, and it has to be really dumb customer money to be handed to someone with no track record.
I agree - I always say that if you can DIY (not your customers) a conversion will cost twice as much as a second hand Leaf - and be half as good a car

If you can't DIY (your customers) it will cot twice as much as a nre Tesla and be half as good as a second hand Leaf

Converting is like "Hot Rodding" - your customers are the one who would spend $200K on a fancy hot rod
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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