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Hi all,

after reading in the forum for a couple of weeks and establishing a good inital knowledge base, I wanted to become part of the community and hopefully get some valuable advice on my conversion ideas.

But first, a bit about myself: I’m 27 years old and currently located in the Northern Black Forest in Germany. Living in the mountains, the forest starts basically right in front of the house – perfect for hunting, offroading and just enjoying nature. After school, I started out as a car mechanic, but decided later to stop the typical 8-5 lifestyle and become a home-based freelance translator instead.

Since I don’t need to commute, my only car is my beloved and modified 1997 Jeep Cherokee XJ (which is also the reason for lurking around in the forum lately). I’ll post some pictures here and then start a new thread for my ideas and questions regarding a possible EV conversion (thread link: Build).

Looking forward to meeting you all,


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