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So who am I?
My name is Robert, but goes by Robban. I’m 33 years young and live with my fiancé outside Uppsala.
I studied electronics and a little bit of computers and today I work as a forklift technician.

Wich brings me here. I have salvaged a 72V 12.8kw dc motor for a future build that will have it’s own thread in the future. I will try to get it streetlegal and hopefully under a strict budget. I can source mutch parts from scrapped forklifts.

I found this forum thanks to Duncans dubious device when I Googled around trying to find info on direct drive.

Love this forum so far and can’t wait to read and study for my build

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Hello @Northbay!
Do you have any car in mind? Motor?
Please tell me if you need a motor and I can keep my eyes open for a forklift motor 😁

Here's the motor I'm planning to use:
View attachment 126518
Quite heavy but hopefully it will work in my build😁
I have two cars I’m toying with the idea of turning into EV’s. A ’77 Volvo 264 and a ’88 Chevy G20 Conversion van.
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