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Greetings!!! I'm a new participant

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Я из Украины, у меня большой опыт переделки автомобилей, от самодельных двигателей до современных систем. Моя последняя работа - это Rover75 с двигателем Nissan Leaf и батареей на 30 киловатт. успешно проехал более 60 тысяч километров. также сейчас в стадии разработки Volkswagen T5, и еще несколько интересных проектов ..
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Yeah. So do I

You're missing the point of a forum. It may look like a one on one help line, but it's actually one on several thousand. Every f*cking one of them reaching for a translator, if they can even be bothered....which they won't be. And how exactly do you search for a subject or item, comrade?

So thanks for the clerical service...was a total waste of your time because Lev should have done it in his posting if he's not an English speaker.

Since they teach it in school and watch American movies, it's not a big deal unless they're being a snob or trying to create ghettos.
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