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We have a lot of 350 HiPower 100 AH cells still in the boxes ready to go. No waiting for the slow boat from China. These are brand new in the boxes and will remain in the boxes unless it is required by orders to bust a box or two open. Other wise we will keep them boxed. We are asking $95 each not including shipping. It is an excellent price and deal if your looking to get some lithiums for your projects. You can make twin battery packs and run two packs in parallel with no problem if you want 200Ah worth of of batteries. I will go pick them up at the warehouse when enough orders have been placed to cover expenses. Then I will ship out all the orders. I will need to know how many batteries you need and your zip and will contact you on price for shipping. Payment must be made in advance in full. We only have 350 so they will go fast. These are excellent for small or large projects. Get them now or they won't be available. We are trying to get them all sold and paid by this Friday or Sat. If we get enough orders right away I can begin shipping next week. Just in time for Christmas or just after. Not sure how slow the ground will be during the holidays. UPS will be the favored choice. I will get the weights. Most important is the main cost of the batteries. Shipping payments can actually be made after I pick up the load of batteries. So place your order and send your payments. Payments VIA PayPal are accepted if you add in the extra that PayPal will take.

Pete :)

Lets get these sold and you into Lithium batteries.

Remember. $95 each which is only .95 cents per AH. Or you can wait for 4 months while your order of TS comes in and you pay $1.30 per AH or $130 each. You choose.


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Looks like Good Deal...
If the LiFeYPo4 costs $130, than you have to do some calculation, because they have more cycles (3000) at 80% (HiPower has 2000).

HP: $95 / 2 = $47.50 / 1000 cycles
TS: $130 / 3 = $43.33 / 1000 cycles

Beyond that, TS does cost $107.50 here:
I dunno if this site is scam or not, but its just an example.
just wanted to add - $107.50 that in China, and $125.00 in US... click on "options" :):):)
Then shipping, then the long slow wait to US that is if you actually receive them from the company you plan to do business with. These are already here and ready to go. But like I said if you want to wait and pay more then go right ahead. The offer is pretty much off the table now anyway so its pretty much a moot point.
Company specs are subjective anyway. One says charge to 4.2 another to 3.8 and one says 2000 cycles and another says 30000 another says a mix of these and some even have differing C ratings for temp and charge and discharge cycles. There has been a lot of moving around on spec during the past couple years. Some information has been updated some has not. I already know that HiPower has done some changes too like TS and CALB. More changes coming for all of them. So what do you do? Wait until the best comes? of Get some now. When is it considered the best? Pretty subjective i'd say. I am aware that the HiPower is not on the same level as TS. It is an offer for those who can't afford the CALB or TS. Just an offer. Of course you'd want them for even less. Who wouldn't.

These are brand new still in the boxes. 2 months old. Oooops. I forgot the offer is not on the table any longer. May be later but for now its off.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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