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Nothing to worry about, America is more worried about finding good Christmas deals and watching the Biggest Loser or Oprah. =)
See America go nuts during Black Friday.

However, for those like me who have been preparing for years for when the day comes and we end up either having a major disaster (natural or manmade) that gas prices will go up, gas my not be found or the pumps won't work, at least you have your electric vehicle which you can charge by solar or at least drive to your fall out shelter and maybe get back. =)

That isn't the only bad news. Wiki has proved America is on the worst ground with even our allies, not to mention how our enemies feel about us. Not good considering we keep poking around China and North Korea looking for a fight.

If North Korea attacks any US vessels, or blows up a banzai sub under our ships and or launches and attack at South Korea, it most likely will be China backing up North Korea and its an all out World War. But wait, our allies are broke, we are broke and we have hardly any military to send. So we are in deep poop if that happens. What is worse? Russia would join both China and North Korea as the Russians are also allies with North Korea (a lot of their weapons come from Russia also) and then we may have to draft the Mexicans to help us fight all three off.

It may not happen, as I said we are broke. So if we lose a ship or two, we will look the other way. South Korea will become part of North Korea and we couldn't do anything about it. =) Just my two cents.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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