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so i mean hacking in the original sense of the word(taking a literal hack saw and ripping a chevy transmission to put into a ford or whatever). i am frustrated by the lack of control over my vehicle, and after doing much research, it seems it might be easiest to simply replace the stock controller entirely. but im not entirely sure how exactly functions are distributed: how integrated GMs 'mylink' is into the rest of the car and whether i would need to replace just the controller or the head unit too, since several of the cars charging functions are accessed through the radio unit. so i guess the question is: is there a drop in replacement controller that allows user programming? NB i dont want to alter or modify the driving operation of the vehicle(unless you count mucking with what goes on which display, when), more things like changing how long accessory mode lasts, changing how it responds to the remote transmitter(hold buttons to put windows up/down), etc. i am already comfortable programming microcontrollers/editing firmwares for large equipments (3d printers and work's big 20' laser cutter), but are there controllers that support user uploads? am i asking for a unicorn? any suggestions? i freaking love this car so much it makes me sad they only made it for compliance purposes, that said i would love to hold onto it as a project car forever
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