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My plan was to start with a 5v PWM signal, probably starting at 1Hz and working up (faster).
I was wondering if this testing happened and where things landed on the PWM front. I am the point of connecting everything up in my build and wondered. If there is another thread that picked this up, let me know.

Also, I am using a FISKER coolant cabin heater (Eberspacher) over a PTC heater for my build, to allow the heated coolant to run through the RESTOMOD HVAC system (like an ICE vehicle) and planned to use the PTC HV connection for this heater, since the voltage for the Fisker (250-450VDC typ 350V DC) is similar to the voltage for a PTC heater. I chose this coolant heater because it runs on PWM heat demand signal 12V; active low (5k internal pull up resistor), 40-300Hz.

Any concerns or comments about powering this heater from the PTC slot on the high voltage distribution box?



1 - 2 of 36 Posts
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