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Haiyin Lipo Cells on the Track!

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Hey Ron,

My team and I just wanted to let you guys know how we did during our competitions. We competed in 2 different events. One was in Loudon, New Hampshire for Hybrid Electric category cars ad the other was in Detroit, Michigan as an promotion/exhibition/showcase electric vehicle. We achieved first place in the electric division: 1st in autocross, 1st in design, 1st in electric acceleration, 2nd in open acceleration, and 6th in sales. There were approximately 30 teams that competed in this event.

From the results of the New Hampshire competition, Jayhawk Motorsports was invited to bring the electric car, along with the internal combustion car, to Detroit, Michigan for the regular FSAE competition. FSAE is attempting to incorporate electric vehicles into the regular FSAE competition so we were invited, along with Munich (winners of FSAE Germany electric divisions). Our cars were used as promotion/exhibition/showcase cars, essentially showing the cars off and proving their performance.

In Detroit, we ran a 4.3 second 75 m acceleration run that put us at 10th place overall compared to all cars competing (approximately 120 cars). Munich ran the fastest time of the day at 3.9 seconds. We definitely didn't have enough time to produce a vehicle with traction control for controlled acceleration launches along with electronic differential control. In the endurance event we were running laps times within 0.7 seconds of the fastest combustion vehicles and on average 2-3 seconds faster than the fastest electric vehicle in Germany, Munich, for a 50-60 second lap time.

Needless to say, we created a car that will become a legacy to Jayhawk Motorsports and possibly the fastest electric car that has competed in FSAE events in the world. And we would like to thank you for that. The battery shop dedicated a significant amount of resources helping Jayhawk Motorsports produce this vehicle and we cannot express how much we appreciate that.

Here is the video of our endurance run in Detroit, Michigan

Here is a picture of the car and electric team.


Emily Dellwig

Jayhawk Motorsports

University of Kansas
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Picture didn't work, Photobucket says its a private album.

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