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Hard wiring Ev motors. To 3 phase AC with an extension cord?

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My EV SUT has 2- 35 kw HyGen water cooled traction motors. Can I just unhook the can bus and wire them with AC power from the shop electric panel (i have three phase converter for a large component saw in shop) for testing?
See, I can tell I am missing parts in places and I assume Phoenix Motorcars, UQM, and Altair Nanotech each removed proprietary components years ago when my truck was stored and not destroyex for whatever reason. The can log was erased also but it would be problematic or impossible to decode anyway. Phoenix MC rand Altair nano- (battery manufacturer)- refuse to provide ANY support. Camt or wont.
So Im needing to make sure the HyGen motors operate, transaxles function, and the hubs
(regenerative) lock in..? Before I make further investment in new BMS and controllers. And im curious.
Im thinking an AC power source . Just put the truck on stands wire up to a cord and see if the the tires turn a few mph. Or 70mph. And note what systems function Whatever.
What yall think?
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