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Has anyone built from scratch?

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Hi. I'm fairly new here and have been fascinated by the wisdom and information available here. I am, however, intrigued because there seem to be very few people building from scratch and those vehicles which are aren't usually for road use.

I reckon that if a car were build from scratch and some concessions were made to the necessities of weight, rolling resistance and aerodynamics, and one modified one's expectations of what the car could do (i.e. accept that there is limited boot space etc.) then the performance and range for a given elecrical setup could be significantly improved.

I've built a few vehicles and reckon (if using LiPos) that a 2-seater vehicle could come in well under 300kg without passengers, if not close to 200kg and have a CDA of under 0.2 if well designed.

Has anyone tried to build from scratch or have any advice on such a policy? There must be something I'm missing.

Thoughts and inspiration welcome
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Hi Lupinthief

I'm building a scratch built - its fun - I expect to end up with a fun toy! - it won't be able to compete with a conversion for practicality but it should be fast

See - Duncan's Dubious Device

Saying that if you want a trike - two wheels at the front please!!!

You have two possible routes
Electric HPV type - aim for maximum weight 150Kg
Small car - difficult to get below 450Kg

If you try and split the difference you will end up with a heavy thing that fails

Look up Locost for chassis ideas -
note the chassis is the easy bit its all of the things that hang off it and have to work together that take the time
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