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Keep in mind most controllers use internal amps that track the input voltage from the POT.... With a little analog circuit or with a PIC you can set the DC voltage directly by-passing the need for any ancient vacuum hoses... No sense in adding a steam engine to power your electric car right?:)

Need to monitor the brake pedal as well so the cruise can be disabled. Either another POT or debounced contact would work.

I'm still in the early stages of my first AC.. Just got the AC50 in last week, so it will be a while before I get the the point where I can add features.. But when I do I'll post schematics.

I am planning on keeping it in my 300ZX. My car has separate controller from the engine management box so I don’t think the two systems are interconnected. Vacuum will come from my pump so I believe the cruise control system will work. That being said I just received my batteries so I am a couple of months from getting it running and testing it.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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