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Has Anyone Tried Making an Electric Coach Bus

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How would I go about building an electric coach bus that can haul 40 passengers 400 miles?

Is this even possible? What's the estimated cost to take on such a project?


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Millions upon millions should cover the cost.
Millions upon millions should cover the cost.
That Winston guy who owns Thundersky has done several. I think he only has like 200 to 300 mile range. And I think he does it for less than a million $. But gets good pricing on batteries :)
Anything's possible. Well, almost. But expect to pay a lot in lithium batteries to get a bus to get 100+ miles.

This is an estimation, but if a bus used somewhere around 1 kWh a mile, then you'd need two Tesla Roadster-sized packs to get it up to the 100 mile range mark. A large battery pack plus a range-extending generator setup might be more cost effective.

I'd recommend looking in the DIY electric car garage or and see what other large vehicles get out of their battery packs to get an idea.

I'd love to see you do it, but you'll need deep pockets mate! :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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