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Has anyone worked with Electric Car Company or Rebirth Auto

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Has anyone worked with Electric Car Company out of Midvale, Utah, or Rebirth Auto, out of Tampa, Florida.

So far, the folks from Electric Car Company, Rebirth Auto, Canadian Electric Vehicles, and EV America have answered questions in a timely manner.

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Yes... I purchased most of my components from Rebirth Auto, including my 192v Kostov, HV wiring, Soliton-1, cable lugs, pass-through connectors, Elcon charger, etc... The only major items not to come from them were my battery cells and motor adapter.

I really liked dealing with them, and I was 2000 miles away! At the time I was dealing primarily with Sebastien, one of the owners, and he always returned my e-mails in a timely fashion, ready to answer any questions I had. Same thing with phone calls.

Their pricing was better than most out there. Couple that with the personal service and willingness to assist with technical matters, and I had no choice but to give them my business. I'd do it all over again. They're my go-to guys. They seemed to really care about EV conversions and working with DIYers like me. A real stand up group!
hello all

we use carl at the electric car co, he is a very honest person. we have bought 2 battery packs from him. and we are waiting on a wicom charger and bms. for our new build.

topeka electric motor inc
ev designs dept
my $.02: Carl at Electric car co. might be an honest person but he can't meet a shipping promise on an trans adapter / hub to save his soul.
I have worked with Carl and I am quite pleased. I plan on buying more from him in the future. I bought a warP motor from him. The shipping was not super fast but I wasn't in a hurry so it worked out fine for me.
the boss of Electric Car Company Carl is the person you can reply on.
very honest,reliable,experienced,knowledgeable.
we like working with this company very much!
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