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headway 40152S(15Ah) are selling now.

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hello guys,
I am Michelle from headway battery manufacturer-Zhejiang Xinghai Energy Technology Co,.ltd
38120P, 38120S, 38140, 40160 are the main products which all the people familiar with that. Now we have the 40152(15Ah) cells can sell which just the exclusive sell before. If anyone interested, please let me know.

MSN: [email protected]
Skype: michelle198518
mail: [email protected]
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The original post was from almost 2 years ago and the price was never revealed. The discounted price for is $34.50 for the 15 Ah cell. Seems to be almost twice the going advertised rate of about $1.30/Ah or $0.36/Wh.
They are not 40152 cells, but they have 20 Ah batteries for $25:

Others have found sources of similar batteries for less, but those are usually special deals with factory sources and not an advertised price from a US based company.
I still think that's a lot to pay, although maybe they offer quantity discounts, and you have to take into account the cost of shipping. Here is another source:

Or from eBay:

Or contact the company:

But AFAIK these batteries are for small devices and maybe electric scooters and bicycles, rather than electric cars. And you need some sort of battery holder that will maintain good contact pressure and not be subject to corrosion or loosening from shock and vibration. ISTM that the prismatic cells, with higher Ah rating for less cost, are better for a DIY car.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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