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Many of you are already aware of the EV Components/ James Morrison / Lithium Depot Scam

This Post is to inform you that Patricia Rose / Kilby / Valdez (AKA "Bethany Matrins") our accountant at EV Components, and her boyfriend Jim Delgado (who also worked for us in Shipping) have started a new company called Headway Headquarters. These two have been helping James Morrison sell off EVC assets in violation of the court injunctions.

I would stongly caution people not to purchase from them. I have contacted Headway and they have not purchased anything from them ,yet they claim to have hundreds of cells, busbars, plastic spacers in stock just as they did with Lithium Depot.

For those of you who are not aware we had James Morrison held in contempt of court for selling EVC assets as Lithium Depot. We made a sting buy and matched the serial # of the batteries we bought to known EVC inventory.

You may remember the name "Bethany Martins" from Lithium Depot as you will see in the screenshots below they were not even smart enough to use a different alias until after I sent them a warning that if they continue to help James sell in violation of the injunctions I would be forced to file contempt of court motions on them.

Please see the screen shots below :


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Re: Headway Headquarters *WARNING* ???

Is "headway" on this forum actually a representative of Headway as his e-mail address suggests? If so it seems that Headway Headquarters is a legit retailer of the cells.

I am in the market for a whopping 4, 38120 cells. Even with a small order I don't want to pick a shady source, but I wouldn't mind helping one of the legit EVC escapees. I am going to need a 12 volt battery to put the Zilla in my EV Buggy. The Hairball will have an issue with the 12v system going flat for a moment when I turn the headlights on.
Paul- without any doubt I can tell you that Lithium Depot is James Morrison.

Headway Headquarters is Registered to Patricia Kilby/ Rose and a # of other aliases and is being run by her and her boyfriend Jim Delgado. They were working with or helping James Morrison up until at least Oct.25, 2010 by their own admission in court documents. They were selling and shipping Headway batteries in Oct. but did not make a purchase from Headway until the first week of Nov. when they purchased 200 cells. Are they legit ? I'll let you make up your own mind.

The user name "Headway" on this forum is legit. Her name is Michelle and she does work for Headway. Althought she did mention Headway Headquarters as a supplier I'd be willing to bet she would also confirm when Headway Headquarters made their first purchase.

Lithium Storage (Mike Collier) also bought large amounts of batteries from James Morrison as well as his sham company Lithium Depot.

There may or maynot have been other dealers/suppliers that bought from or helped James Morrison but those above are the ones I can confirm without any doubt.

If your looking for a legit retailer of Headway cells either Manzanita Micro or my company can help you.

Best Regards

Dave Kois
Current EV Tech, LLC
Skype dkoisii
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