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Hello everyone. Starting an EV build. I purchased a ride on floor scrubber. BIG ride on floor scrubber 3800 lbs. It has a 3 hp motor mounted on the axle. Here is a manual and the page that show the axle.: Wheel Drive System; Functional Overview - Nilfisk-Advance HYDRO-RETRIEVER 2052 Service Manual [Page 66] | ManualsLib

The axle has standard 5 x 4 1/2 lug pattern. Sooooooo in now has a top speed of 6 mph

If I go from the 14 inch. to 30 in ford tires, and replace the chain coupler from motor to axle with 5 to 1 chain drive. I will get about 60 MPH?

Question: With that gearing will it have power to start moving?

I have everything I need all matched to that motor. I want to just move the wireing and axle to a small truck with ladder rack full of solar panels and engine compartment full of batterys.

I paid $300 and recycled the battery for $110. So I am into it for 190 and have everything includlng charger.

and enough to convert my lawn mower too!

Please check the spec sheets and let me know if I am only getting a lawn mower and yard kart! LOL

And a little humor: I told my mother about this project she is getting kind of old and must not have under stood me because she said: OH Joseph I don't think you want to go 60 MPH on a floor scrubber! 😂
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