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Hello:) 77 Bronco I have I want to convert to EV.

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So I’m a new member and I have no knowledge of converting a vehicle but I do have a 77 bronco 100% sure I want to convert to electric and obviously this is the best place to start. Do you have any advice for me?? Please let me know what you think. thank you
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Weighs surprisingly only 3,495 pounds.
And that's with a cast-iron V8! 1977 is the last model year of the first-generation Bronco. It isn't very big compared to current trucks; it is substantially smaller in every dimension than the new (2021) Ranger-based Bronco. It is also missing the structure required of modern vehicles and the big wheels and tires and piles of "creature comforts" expected by modern buyers.

A useful reference for anyone who doesn't already have the specs:
For someone less than about 70 years old the idea of a three-speed manual transmission (a Ford 3.03 or "Toploader" in this case) is amusing, but that's all you need for an EV (if you use a multi-speed transmission at all).
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