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Hello all.

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Hopefully I am in the right place with this thread. I am terrible when it comes to finding things in forums. I just wanted to introduce myself and warn everyone that I may have some stupid questions over the next few days or possibly the next several months. I am currently looking into converting my first car (actually truck) into an EV. I am trying to put together the total costs and settle on some ideas that I have to see how much and how long it will take to do this project. It is a 1989 Dodge Dakota Sport Convertible for those who are curious. I have done some research so far and have tons of questions but will try to weed through the forum to eliminate as many as possible before posting repeats of the ones you have already answered. I would like to ask if there is anyone in the Georgia area that I could maybe meet up with (I'll buy the drinks) to at least go over some of the concepts to help narrow my choices down. Thank you for your patience ahead of time.
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