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A couple months ago I didn’t know the first thing about batteries, circuits, or electric motors but I’ve always loved electric vehicles and wanted to learn. My first project was a simple battery replacement and tune up on an old electric scooter. Then I got a dead lead acid golf cart and converted it to lithium which was really fun and won a lot of kudos from the wife and neighbors. My next project is more ambitious, I have a 1985 Toyota Corolla (automatic) in good condition but with a dying motor that I’d like to convert to EV.

- Hit / maintain 70mph
- 50 mile range
- $6000 or less budget (used batteries / motor / controller)
- No fires, electrocution, or noteworthy injuries
- Finish the project!
- Learn a lot

Where should I post next for help selecting and purchasing a motor and controller?

I’m based out of beautiful and hilly Point Richmond CA. Thanks for your help!


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