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Hello Members.:)

I'm glad to introduce myself as an EV enthusiast and a keen Automobile engineer by trade.
I'm a recent grad from school. Over my days in collage i was successfully able to retrofit my dad's Mitshubushi Lancer with a decent range of 80miles.

I'm looking forward to explore the opportunity of selling conversion kits online. Regarding which i have the following doubts:
1. How big is the Diy community out there?
2. What will be the legal complications from the importing end to the customer.
3. What will be best countries to begin with and focus on marketing.
4. Since delivering customized kits will be very challenging, Standizing the kits will be the only way forward. In the case of which , what dimensions of battery packs do we consider? Or for what cars do we build?
5. How about the sale of kits on the basis of voltage /vehicle type/ or weight of the vehicle?
6.What all tech details do we help the buyer with?
7. Will partnering with a local conversion center improve the business viablity.

We have established a rocksolid supplychain and can deliver the kits at much affordable price. The countries we are looking for are: Canada, Usa, Australia, Uk, South Africa, Egypt etc..!!

Warm regards and thanks in advance!
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