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Hi all

I am from Ireland but 2 years ago, moved to live just outside Barcelona.

I own a 1996 Toyota MR2 (SW20) Spider, one of only 88 produced.

In my younger years, i had a few different MR2's, one which i modified to about 380hp, which was quite fun !

Now, older and wiser, i am here on an EV forum : )

Some of you may know that Barcelona is looking to improve air quality and do it via a very large ban on older petrol/diesel cars.

Unfortunately mine falls into this category. So, i face the choice of converting to a petrol car which has low NO, CO, PM (the ban focuses on these and not CO2). But, there are regulations coming in re Co2. So, doing this clean petrol engine conversion may only be buying me some time.

So, EV seems like the best route to keep my car on the road and keep a bit of (not very well known) Toyota history.

I'll post my goals/dreams in the main forums once i read Sticky's etc


My Spider, back in Ireland

And in Sunny Spain

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I had never heard of a W20 spider, so of course I had to look it up...
SW20 Spider (from Wikipedia)

If the comments in the Wikipedia article are true, Toyota may not want this bit of their history remembered. :eek:

For EV conversion, it should be the same as any W20 (second generation) MR2. There have been a few of those to use as sources of ideas.
It's okay - i got my soft-top redone when in Ireland. And I'm in Spain now - it doesn't rain so much :)

I saw that EV West in California does a kit. But it's about $6,500 + battery pack ($10,300) + shipping + import duty. I would be looking at about 20k euros :eek: The car only cost me 7k euros

The kit sounds "reasonable" at $6,500. But the battery pack would make it a non runner for me. I thought that battery costs are coming down :(
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