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Hello everyone,

I’ve been lurking here for about 10 years and this weekend after staring at my ‘64 beetle project and thinking about it I’ve decided to ditch the ICE and go electric. I’m still in the planning stages but I might as well sell the engine now because it runs decent but needs a rebuild plus the car has some rust I need to take care of before I can start the conversion.

I’m no stranger to making stuff. At my makerspace that I am a member of ( we are building power wheels race cars for the power racing series and our cars use a Chevy Volt battery module. We bought a first gen volt battery, broke it down into the 48v and 2 24v modules and figured out how to use them for our small electric go karts.

I also own a Nissan Leaf and am no stranger to wrenching on cars. I’ve looked into the conversion kits by EVWEST and saw the price tag of like $20k. But I didn’t notice the kit without batteries was less. Or that I could easily piece it together on my own and learn how to TIG weld and make my own stuff (I will be getting a multi process welder this year!)

So that’s me in a nutshell. I’m also an R2D2 builder and a member of the 501st legion Star Wars costuming group. I can’t stop making stuff.
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