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Hello from MaxOut

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I have been visiting this site for a few years now and have finally decided to participate. I appreciate all the information shared here and hope I can contribute to the wealth of information. I have a mixed background in automation, audio, communications, brewing, finance and real estate just to name some. I have a hobby playing with golf carts and odd and unusual vehicles. Most of the vehicles in the past were gas with the occasional electric golf cart and GEM cars. I love to customize and automate things and built a fully automated home brewery from scratch. At the present time I have two Electric Vantage vans, GEM e4, GEM e2 and a 16 passenger Taylor Dunn Tram. I'm experimenting with upgrading the lead acid batteries to lithium and how I found myself here more often. I have a ton of questions and appreciate everyone's willingness to share the wealth of knowledge.

Thank you in advance for tolerating my "Newbyness" in electric cars as I dig deeper.

Regards, Keith AKA MaxOut
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