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Someone on the newsgroup suggested this forum. I have for a long time been interested in EVs and hybrids, and I have started by converting a stripped-down riding mower and using a 2 HP three phase induction motor, with a standard VFD, using 320 VDC which I obtain from a 17 A-H 12 V SLA. Yes. I'm starting way small, but my main desire at this time is to determine how much power is really needed for various purposes, and to obtain the best efficiency at the lowest cost possible. It is a learning experience that will be scalable to larger EV projects, eventually perhaps a car.

I am mostly active on a tractor forum, where I provide details of my project:

Here is a video of my first ride on this contraption using only battery power:

I'll post elsewhere with technical details of my DC-DC converter, and reasons for using standard 3 phase induction motors running at 230-460 VAC.

But I have also rewound a 1/2 HP single phase 120 VAC 60 Hz PSC motor to make a 12 pole three phase motor that runs on 8 VAC, at 600 RPM, which I overclocked 4x to 240 Hz and 2400 RPM. Theoretically you can get 4x the HP from the same size motor if you also increase the voltage. But for various reasons this is not very practical.
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