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Hello from Newcastle Australia

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Hi, I've been interested in classic car conversions and EV technology for a ling time now. I have a 1963 Toyota Stout I'm enhancing.
I haven't decided whether to restore as original or slot in an electric motor or a V6/8 engine :rolleyes:
I came across a website Lots of good info of the future !
One product that really struck my imagination was
Protean’s corner module concept includes motor, suspension and 360-degree steering.
Although I envisage different rubber :D These wheels are amazing and their manoeuvrings are incredible.
I could probably get away with only 2 also but 4 would be double the fun. I don't know what sort of 'steering wheel' you would need ! :eek:
I also watch Krytey on "Fully Charged" but they don't have enough of my interests. Anyway, thanks for reading.
BRhino 🦏


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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