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Hello from Portland OR

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Glad to join the community here. I'm looking at trying to convert a 80's / early 90's 2dr Range Rover Classic. Love these cars. Know they have their own issues without introducing an EV conversion to the formula...but should be an adventure.

As an aside question, I'm looking at what it might take to start a business that sells converted cars. There are a large number of great companies that will do conversions for customers. I also see some companies that are stepping forward with specific offerings like Defender 90's and mercedes 280SL's for upwards of $250-300K.

I'd love any thoughts on if there's a market for any specific car that approaches these levels or if you're putting $120K into a car you can sell for $75K. I know it's car specific and finding that niche nostalgic market that wants to put an electric shade to it. But would love anyone's thoughts.
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There was a discussion about that just recently. I think it's a wrong approach to look at it from the angle "it could sell for X amount", which makes it sound almost like gold rush. The fact those companies are asking for $300k for a vehicle doesn't mean there are a lot of suckers willing to put up the money.

I think the best approach is to consider if you can make a viable business doing economy work, build up the technical expertise and portfolio, and then deal with "luxury" stuff when you actually start getting the requests for it.
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Very good point cricketo. I think I'm just trying to get a gauge for what a converted car can sell for. Your approach sounds exactly how you build a business. Just trying to build out a business plan that needs that understanding of the market that's attainable after starting with a for hire conversion business. You can see that I'm early here if I can't answer that question. Just looking at ways to get a business going that I'm passionate about.

Thanks for the thoughts!
Cut your teeth on the Range Rover and try to sell it.

You don't say how many conversions you've done -- if this is the first conversion, nobody will put money in up front for your lack of demonstrated delivery, even if it's a Vespa conversion.

They're rich for a reason, and are dumb, but not stupid when it comes to paying north of $100k for a used, one-off car that has zero tech support when it needs a tow.
Great comments. Cricketo, friggin great thread. Addresses so many of those ancillary issues like insurance that can be a deal killer for long term business.
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