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Hi guys, just got registered on this forum, already on some others for VW beetles/ type. I have a kinda 'thing' it is being restored right now, but I have put the engine upgrade on hold while I check out the options to convert to EV, biggest problem I have in actually KNOWING this can be done legally for the road in Portugal (any real info on this subject most welcome) by real I mean has it been done, and if so how, I know there was law passed to allow this, but from the info out there the law does not seem to have made it's way through the ever increasing red tape that abounds in Portugal and possibly other EU countries.
If I can get the assurance that this will be able to go on the road in Portugal then for sure I will be doing it, and then I will be starting to shop and be looking for more info, anyone out there got any real info be happy to hear from you.
Have before restore photo of 'The Orange Thing in Portugal' photos are on west of Scotland VW Club forum. This forum does not allow upload from my own PC, need to use some third party to load from.......not a great start.
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