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I want to convert my 87 Toyota Supra Turbo M/T to a sporty EV. The body is near-mint, but I have rebuilt the 7MGTE too many times, and the head gasket will not fix itself.

I could spend similar $$$ to convert the car to the MK IV drive train, which is powerful and reliable, but dollar for dollar I would rather convert to an EV if I can get at least a bit of power.

To get started, here a my non-technical questions:

- Anybody tackle a similar project, or know somebody that has?
- Anybody live near Milwaukee?

As for my vehicles specs, 2WD pickups are similar in their drive train setup, but I wanna do this right, i.e. once, so in the end I'll need Supra-specific tolerances in putting this thing together.

Anyways, glad to find this place... anxious to see how this all turns out.

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