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Hello from up north!

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Hey guys figured I'd make an account here even though I'm still firmly at the planning phase of possibly making an EV but this seems like a good place to source info!

A bit of me: Homeland Finland, trucker by trade, garage gearhead by nature. As a hobby I mostly do homebrewing and build streetfighter motorbikes but ATM looking to get into building a daily runabout EV to replace my current gas guzzler Volvo Xc70. As a platform I've been thinking about a mid nineties Renault Megane Coupe Cabriolet. Why? Because I want a droptop car, compared to others those are cheap as chips here, and they usually don't have much over 200tkm on the clock, or driven in the winter much which is a good thing since mid nineties cars have a strong tendency to be pretty rotten due to the long autumn and road salting in the winter.

I'm not entirely new to electricity after spending three years in school studying to be an electronics guy but even though I did graduate something like fifteen years ago I've never worked one day as such but I reckon if I scratc my head hard enough I can still probly bring back some small fragments.

There are some fundamental questions I'm currently trying to search answers to like how do you heat an EV in the winter. I've understood there are some electrical heating elements you can install to replace the original unit but wouldn't that est your range even more since it's cold already so been trying to find if it's a common practice to fit a diesel heater into an EV. now I know it would create some emissions but I don't want to freeze my bum in -20c, besides it'd be a great way to get the car warm beforehand via a gms relay. It could also be used to preheat the battery compartments to get more power out of them during the cold months.

Second questions is how retarded of an idea would it be in general to convert a convertible in the sense that how big of an impact would it have to my range to drop the top? Cabrio Meganes usually have AC too but I'm a bit on the fence about whether or not to keep it. But since they convert pickups too I don't suppose wind resistance would be that big of an issue.

Third: anyone ever made a sheet metal box to replace the fuel tank and put at least some of the batteries there? Cabriolet cars usually have just a teeny tiny boot because of the roof cavity so not a whole lot of cargo space to begin with.

Fourth is the obvious what voltage and how much of a budget do I need? Looking to get about 100km per charge, top speed 120-140km/h, usual cruise speed 80km/h with a few km:s of 100, two fairly steep albeit not that big hills on my way to work, almost always travelling alone. I found some formulas to start decyphering that already but educated guesses welcome.