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Hello from Virginia

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Hi all, joined a while ago and then realized I hadn't posted anything yet. I'm an avid EV fan and to date have owned 6. I'm currently working on my latest purchase, '92 Chevy S10 conversion. 144V, ADC FB1 motor, Curtis 1231 controller, lead batteries. Batteries are close to dead but I'm giving them one last attempt with a capacitive charger to see if I can bring some life back to them. I won't keep the lead, just using them for testing and short driving while redoing some truck items and saving for the lithium.

This conversion was very well done by previous owner. It's completely driveable and functioning but I'm still going to make a couple changes. I already started to make a couple cosmetic upgrades to the wiring under the hood. I will definitely change the lead to lithium at first chance but have to make battery boxes under the bed. I'll be adding a tilt bed feature to be able to access the under bed batteries.

The lithium pack will most likely be used Nissan Leaf batteries. They're relatively inexpensive and pretty rugged. I'm shooting for a 38 KW pack nominal. It should weigh approx. 640 lbs. This will be approx. 740 lbs less than it's current lead config. Anyhoo, thanks for taking the time to read my scratch. I'll include pics as soon as I take a few.