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Hello, My name is Eric and I'm a new member

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Hi all, my name is Eric and as my username suggests, I plan to convert a 88 300ZX into an electric car going by the name of 300ZE. I originally had other plans for it like dropping in the VK56 from the titan but that became a huge headache on its own. I'm currently studying to get my bachelors of science in mechanical engineering and only need one more year left to graduate. I want to use some of the knowledge I know to build and design my own conversion. My current weak spot is in the electrical area.

I plan to design a custom subframe to mount the Tesla base large drive unit in the rear. I found some very lightweight LG chem batteries on ebay that could power it all. I really hope I dont go over 15k for this build, and really want to keep it at under 12k. I believe that could happen with the help of some of you wise members.

I currently have enough money to buy the motor( I think it comes with the original frame that im probably going to sell) the batteries, BMS, DC/DC converter and a charger. But im not sure if I should go ahead and get some of them now or just wait until I have more money to buy all the hardware required.

I read in here that you guys like to see pictures so ill post pics of what I got.
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