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Hello, New member here

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Hello All,
I am a new member. I am interested in turning a small truck into an EV.

This all started when a tree fell on my 2017 Volt and 2000 Tahoe Limited. I've owned the Tahoe since day one, and am very sad to see her go. She had 299125 miles on her, and I was planning on rebuilding the motor and transmission at the 300K mark. At the time, I drove the Tahoe every Tuesday for scrap runs. I love to pickup scrap, take it apart, sell what i don't need and keep what can be used in a project 馃槃.

I've owned a 2015 Camry Hybrid, Lexus CT200, two 2017 Volts (I was T-boned when someone ran a red, then a tree fell on the other), and now I own a 2021 BMW 330E. I am able to plug in at work, so I love the plug and play method.

I replaced my Tahoe scrap mobile with a 1999 GMC Sonoma. It has a 4-cylinder for now. I thought about swapping the 5.7 Vortec V8 from the Tahoe into the Sonoma, but I think it would be more fun to be electric. With that said, I need about 70 miles of range and the ability to pull around 3000lbs on top of the ~4000lb curb weight of my vehicle.

This may be a pipe dream, but I've been lurking the forums and have seen some neat builds. The motor I am thinking about using is
EVD250-90S1 from

I just have to figure out the rest from there. Does anyone have any recommendations or ideas?
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You don't state the top speed objective, the largest grade (and speed) for towing, or the gearing strategy, which makes everything else impossible to size.
Ah, I didn't realize that would be factored in. I have one overpass that is at a 5% grade for a little less than a mile. Speed Limit is 35 mph. The rest of the time, I think 60 mph over mostly flat highway. When researching motors, I figured I would just match HP to HP and such. The current 4-cylinder is only 160hp, but the 5.7 Vortec is rated at 255 HP with 330 ft/lbs torque.

Is what I am looking for realistic? I could reasonably go with a 30-40 mile range the BMW only gets 20 miles on a good day, and I can usually drive all electric to and from work on a single charge.
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