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Hello Out There From Maryland

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I recently latched on to the idea of build an EV and I'm looking forward to learning more. I've become enamored with the idea of building myself my next car. I like the factory five 818 because it offers excellent performance at a cheap price. However, I've realized that you can fit a tesla drive unit, or two, into the frame with plenty of space for batteries. At ~1000kg one small drive unit would make a great sports car or the car should be light enough to direct-drive a differential with a forklift motor.

I may also be toying with the idea of making an absolute monster of an AWD car. The 818 uses an AWD subaru as the donor for wheel/suspension parts so whatever motor setup I use could be replicated in the front too. I still need to rack out the cost increase over a more reasonable option.

I'm a mechanical and nuclear engineer with some electrical knowledge. However, I still need to research whats available before I really starting to lay out options and budget (also, I need to learn how to weld). The first big question I'm trying to run down is whether I can get US federal and state tax credits. I think the replica/kit car legislation from 2015 opened up the possibility for a DIY new build to qualify for the credit as a low volume manufacturer (see thread here).

If I can't get the credit, I'll need to better research possible conversion donor cars while laying out my budget. My single engine 818 idea has a lot of competition if I need to pay 10-12K for the kit.