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Hey there Controller experts.... I've been asked to attempt to repair a 2004 GorillaVehicle e-ATV.

The owner has attempted repairs in the past, and made a bit of a mess at the key-switch end, which MAY have been sending either 12v, 24, or 36v back to the GorillaVehicles control board, and on to the Contactor and SepEx.

Initial symptoms were that I heard no 'clunk' from contactor at key on. Turns out things were wired to send 12v+ from KSI back to control board. I determined that 12v+ was indeed making it TO the board, but not off the board to the contactor. This would not have been enough for the contactor coil in any case as it needs at least 24v to operate.... So,

CONTACTOR QUESTIONS #1: I *should* be seeing 24v or 36v coming back on the purple KSI wire, correct? In theory I could close the contactor without the Gorilla Board, but it might all start working if I fix the KSI switch to send 24 or 36v?.

Before testing the Contactor coil with direct application of 24v I fortunately checked voltage and continuity on the main lugs in case contactor was welded closed. Turned out that the controller side runs to Ground, and I am seeing 36v between the incoming battery pos+ and the controller B+ post!

CONTROLLER QUESTIONS #2: I should NOT see voltage between battery+ and controller B+, regardless of whether the SepEx is powered up or not?right? Does this indicate the SepEx has an internal short, or the motor, or some other possibility? What's my next step to diagnose?


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