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HELP! EV Speed Reducer Transmission Help

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Hi everyone, my team are currently on to a project to build our own full scale EV from bolts and nuts up to a full scale size. Currently im in charge of the transmission system. I really need help from u professionals here in this forum.

I have a Warp 9 motor and im trygin to step down the output to my differential of 4.1 ratio. Im using a set up to achieve a 9.68 final ratio which means i require a step down reducer of 2.36 ratio.

My thoughts , is there any recommended speed reducer to incorporate in EV built to connect from the motor to the rear differential.?
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The transfer gearbox from a Lada Niva 4x4 is a remote mounted permanent 4x4 gearbox that gives two ratios, 1.2:1 in high and 2.135 in low. So not as low as you need but close.
The centre diff can be locked to drive a single axle but also opens up the possibility of driving a second axle for a 4x4 if it were appropriate.

I have one and have been trying to decide which of my projects to use it for. I have been told it is pretty much bullet proof up to around 250bhp.

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