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Help finding a motor

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Hi everyone. I am a new-comer to the electric vehicle conversion community. I'm currently searching for a series wound forklift motor as that seems to be the most economical option.

I have read through the two sticky posts in this section. I have been eyeing this motor and I was hoping to get the opinions of the community. I have a few concerns with this one though. First, the nameplate says the motor is from 1978 (is this an issue?). Second, the shaft looks like it is smooth on the outer circumference with splines on the inner circumference. I think this may make it slightly harder to couple to the transmission of the donor (still searching for donor, Geo Metro, etc).

I intend to run a 72v system with 9 8v golf cart batteries that I am in the process of acquiring. I intend to drive the motor with the 72v Kelly controller. Please let me know if I should supply more information.

Thank you for your help!