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Help identifying "no name" pouch cells and A123 pouch module

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Hello all. I picked up a handful of these larger pouch cells at a local recycler who was scared to keep them kicking around his shop full of miscreants and hooligans in nothing but a cardboard box. So worried was he that he put said box outside in the rain. 😬

So I hauled them home, dried them off and repacked into safe storage but I'm having no luck finding specs online for these pouches so I thought I'd ask here if anyone knows tricks for tracking down this kind of info. Also suggestions on how to find suitable separators to assemble a pack would be welcome. The cells look big enough to potentially make a decent pack but I need some specs and something better than a wet cardboard box 😄

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Pouch dimensions are about 225mm x 265mm x 16mm (8-3/4" x 10-1/4" x 5/8"). (possibly 228x268x12 as per label but they're definitely thicker than 12mm but not swollen. The only identifying marks I could find are the barcode sticker with variable serial below and two consistent codes above: WX12I3267 (26822812A)

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And finally, there was this A123 module sitting at his place that I almost made an offer on but again I haven't been able to identify it's original purpose or confirm the figures on the nameplate. Anyone know what this came out of or if the figures sound right? Looks pretty small to me for 6.8kWh. I didn't take dimensions I'm afraid.
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