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I took this video to ask for help from the EV boards, and others who may know. I am using a Kelly KD series SepEx motor controller. The battery back is 6-12v batteries (lead acid), so a 72v nominal system. The problem is it has no power. The wheels did run fwd and rev but no power to move the kart. Up on blocks the wheel spin like crazy and seem like theres no stopping them. When I get excited and put the kart down theres nothing there. In fact I can hold the wheel in place with a bear hug while my wife presses the accelerator. Whats the issue. Is the controller really that bad? Would a better controller totally fix this problem?

I was considering investing in a better contoller but the last thing I want to do is spend the money and have the same results. I am not totally ignorant about motora and electronics but I am not an expert either. Is my motor ok, can an improper field setting take an otherwise large motor and make it crap? Any imput is appreciated. I am really tryin gto learn an put my finger on the problem. I dont believe its my motor, and I am pretty sure I have enough avail power. The weakest point I think is that damm kelly controller.

I have more stories about the kelly contoller but Ill save that for another time.
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