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You don't have to use the stock BMS with them. I have a small 48volt power wall stacking 7S 2P modules and use a nice little BMS to monitor them and to shut off when it reaches a specific charge and discharge voltage. All my leaf modules are well balanced within each module and from module to module. Only found one bad module out of 130 of these puppies. I only charge to 4.15 volts per module half so 8.3 volts per module at cut off. Pretty easy. Yes, you do need some smarts. I have a redundant setup. I run through the charge controller and the BMS. Charge controller monitors max pack voltage and the BMS monitors cell voltages. Shuts off when a cell reaches a specified voltage. Charge controller is there for backup if the BMS fails. No more fires. Leaf modules are great.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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