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Help needed in Western USA/Canada

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Hey DIYEVers,

I need help/direction with my project kicking off this summer 2018. If you visit my projects webpage you will find most of the details for where the project is standing, which is all just plans at the moment.

Currently I am looking for professional/experienced DIYer help to install more batteries and solar to my van so that I can get my project off the ground before I run out of sunlight (summer). I'm from Australia so I don't really have the means or the resources to do this all by myself, albeit if that's what it comes down to I guess that's what I'll do. I do have and am willing to pay for everything that requires paying for. It's not so much a money thing as it is a resources and time thing.

Anyway let me know if anyone is around that region and can give me a hand particularly in the LA or greater California area. Like I said I have no ties with any area in particular so I can travel to the help.

[email protected] or all my contact details are listed on the site above.

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