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Help on EV

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I am trying to build an EV.

I want a top speed around 150 - 175mph
I am going to construct most of the car from Carbon Fiber
I want the car to plug into a regular U.S. 110v socket
I would like to use Li ion batteries.
I also want a range of 200-250 miles
i would also like to implement Regenerative Braking

I have the carbon fiber under control but everything else i would like some of your help figuring out.:confused::confused:

Thank You,
Jeff H.
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As for the batteries, I would recommend Elite Power Solutions - because they're in my home town and I want to help them out :) They supply LiFePO4 batteries specifically for EVs. They also supply a custom battery management system (BMS) and charger to suit your specific needs. The BMS actually includes a touch screen LCD. How cool is that?!
You need to find out if they'll give you a discount for referrals! Or maybe a couple bucks per post where you sneak in their company name. ;)
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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