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Help on EV

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I am trying to build an EV.

I want a top speed around 150 - 175mph
I am going to construct most of the car from Carbon Fiber
I want the car to plug into a regular U.S. 110v socket
I would like to use Li ion batteries.
I also want a range of 200-250 miles
i would also like to implement Regenerative Braking

I have the carbon fiber under control but everything else i would like some of your help figuring out.:confused::confused:

Thank You,
Jeff H.
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I think you'll need to go AC to accomplish what you want. Take a look at the AC article in the Wiki. It's a work in progress, but it will give you an idea of what few options are out there.

One of the motors on the Wiki is an AC Propulsion unit. That's the company that built the drive system for the Tesla. They're probably the best around. Perhaps the motor that was suggested above will do what you want it to and a lower price though. I seem to recall that Ac Propulsion wanted 20,000K for their system and that they do not sell to hobbyists.

As for the batteries, I would recommend Elite Power Solutions - because they're in my home town and I want to help them out :) They supply LiFePO4 batteries specifically for EVs. They also supply a custom battery management system (BMS) and charger to suit your specific needs. The BMS actually includes a touch screen LCD. How cool is that?!

You'll want to go with a pretty high voltage battery pack (or pack for short). The system that I'm planning will use a 648V pack. That sounds high, but that's 460V RMS which is a very common voltage for a 3-phase industrial AC induction motor.
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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