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Help on EV

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I am trying to build an EV.

I want a top speed around 150 - 175mph
I am going to construct most of the car from Carbon Fiber
I want the car to plug into a regular U.S. 110v socket
I would like to use Li ion batteries.
I also want a range of 200-250 miles
i would also like to implement Regenerative Braking

I have the carbon fiber under control but everything else i would like some of your help figuring out.:confused::confused:

Thank You,
Jeff H.
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With the top speed mabye only like 20-35 miles at tops speed, how would i recharge it faster. after i make the first one i would like to sell these so, i liked the socket because everyone has them but if it would take 50-60 hours lol, how would i recharge in 3-5 hours?

What kinda of electronics would i need to control this monster, all i know is i like fast italian style sports cars an they have to be light as shit so, every thing else is greek to me.

Thanks for your help and your patients

Kitty i know it can be done, im trying to model my cars profomance around the Tesla, but i want it to be competitive too.
What if i went down to like 125-140.

I dont want to duplicate the tesla but i would like to resemble its power and efficiency, and perhaps only going about 15-25 miles at top, but i would want it to be able to withstand 60-70 for a bit.

Could the Li batteries with stand that 4x faster chargining? No chance you know the cost or where to find the cost of li batteries?

i would like 275-300 peak hp, but i dont care as long as it hits my speed fast, like 3-5 sec, less than 5 is way beter though.

What kinda of electronics would i need to control this monster?

any ideas where i could purchase a motor, or any thing else i may need?
Jafo, thank you for that web site.

The motor im thinking of useing is that AC 150 on the web site Jafo gave me, how ever i have no idea what half the things this thing does, do.

Voltage 336 - 360 V nominal, 240 V min, 450 V max
Current 580 A max (drive), -200 A max (regeneration)
Torque 220 Nm, 0-5,000 rpm (drive), 85 ft-lb max (regeneration)
Power 150 kW max 7,000-8,000 rpm, 50 kW continuous
Efficiency (shaft power out / electrical power in)
91% peak ( 50 kW, 9,000 rpm)
86% road load (8 kW, 8,500 rpm)
>93% recharge (240V line, 10 kW)

  • Four-pole induction, high frequency design with inverter-controlled magnetic flux.
  • Dimensions*: 12" dia x 15" long (305 mm dia x 381 mm long)
  • Total weight: 110 lb, 50 kg (incl cooilng blower)
  • Maximum rpm: 12,000
  • Insulation: Class H, double-insulated
  • Cooling: Forced-air with variable speed pwm control
  • Sensors: Winding temp, tachometer
the whole thing is at

wish i knew more about EVs lol
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what am i supposed to be looking at, all i see is a boat?
wow thanks, i had you till you hit that last paragraph lol.
i dont want to be a hobbyiest, i would like to make this and have it be the flag ship for JHaak motors.
Edit: would this work for my battery needs or would i need 2? or perhaps the 160-80 wich only seems to me to be 2 times as expensive and 2 times as big...

Edit 2: the motor you linked is the one that i linked XD

Edit 3 lol: I really wanted an LCD screen, i wanted mine to show bat lvl volts and what not.
also i want to make the instrament panel a tv type thing with computer gauges, how ever i want it to move and be in front of me before i go making it look pretty

edit 4: on there does that mean that i get 160ah for 288, for some reason i find this hard to belive...
im deciding to go in a diffrent direction,

I want a top speed around 65-70
I am going to construct most of the car from steel and aluminum with probably fiberglass body
I will use Li ion batteries from this link
Good links for some motors would be good
I also want a range of 200miles
I would also like to implement Regenerative Braking
anyone know a good way to raise capitol? unfourtunatly my blood isnt quite as rich as id like it lmao.
i want it to look sporty and worth the money lol.
I also dont want to use more than 200wh/m

think if i played my card this could sell for 50-55k? looking to spend about 35k.
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there they are they are rough hand scketches but i think you can kinda get it.
aparently they are all sideways lol


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