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a) I can barely make this out
b) not really sure what I am looking for in a motor anyway...

This is listed as a 40HP motor. No other details.

Hi ask,

I can make out some of it.

TEFC=totally enclosed fan cooled. 40hp (horsepower) rated for continuous duty. The 40hp applies to speeds between 1750-2300RPM. Max 3600RPM. S.F.= 1.0 service factor (not rated for continuous running above 40hp). Rated armature voltage=500V, armature current=65A. Rated for 40°C ambient. Class F rated insulation (155°C). Field winding is stabilized shunt. Field rated voltage=300V. 1.82A field current cold. Hot field current=1.31/.92A. Looks like field can be wired for 150V also. Minimum ambient temperature=0°C. Various codes and part/spec numbers. Reliance Electric Company, Cleveland, Ohio.

Probably not a good choice for EVcar conversion.

There ya go,

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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