I am a college student who did a mazda miata (1990, red :)) conversion during my senior year of highschool. I am now looking for help in upgrading my conversion. At present it uses two motors + a chain and two old AXE7245 controllers and has an average max throughput of ~45kW. Good for V1. Pictures, stats, + more info here.

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Now that I have a bit more money saved up from jobs and such, I'd like to upgrade the drivetrain. I think a 9in brushed DC motor (Warp 9, ADC 9 or similar) plus a 144V 1000A controller (zilla 1k or similar) would do the trick, although I could consider other options that would deliver ~150kW on a good day. The only non-negotiable is that the pack voltage will stay between 77V (current 21s pack) and 148V (planned 40s upgrade) li-ion.

Does anyone have a motor or controller (or both!) they would be willing to sell me?