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help w/ calcs - 2000 Lincoln LS w/ Lithium

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ok, this is totally just a thought experiment at this point, but....

2000 Lincoln LS 5spd...

3600lbs curb weight

144v TS 200Ah cells
Soliton 1 Controller
Warp 9

Here's what I'm thinking:

144v * 200Ah / 310 Wh/m * .8 DOD = ~ 74 mile range

I know this is a heavy vehicle, but I've been looking at a lot of Ranger and S10 conversions with LA and they are MUCH heavier.

Do you guys think my calcs are close or way off? I based the 310Wh/m on my conversion and the different weights (3600*275/3200). My car ended up at 3200lbs and used ~ 275Wh/m. Obviously the HUGE advantage of Lithium is the lower weight and greater usable energy.

I know the Warp 9 is recommended up to 3600lbs vehicle weight, but that is the most popular motor used in trucks that weigh more than that. Will it be slow and underpowered?

Any thoughts are appreciated.


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Wow, that would make a sweet ride. I personally would have 156 volts for more Zoom Zoom factor, but I don't think your calcs are too off.

Some of those S-10s and pickups are in the 4000 lbs range and using 9" ADC, so it cant bee too bad. My 9" ADC barely gets warm in my 3000 lbs Civic, assuming I keep those RPMs up.

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My passat is 4700 lbs, and i easily get 300wh/mi. I can also easily break 100mph. I think a larger car is an advantage when it comes to top speed, since you can carry more batteries, and drag is about the same as a little car.

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Weight makes little difference it range/efficiency at steady state cruising speeds over 35 mph.

Weight makes a huge difference in stop and go city traffic, and on all of your car's performance parameters(barring top speed).

Whether a WarP 9" will give you the performance you want depends on three things:

1) Your performance expectations
2) Your choice of controller
3) Your choice of battery

A WarP 9" setup with 156V and a Zilla 1k will give a 3600 lb car a 10 second 0-60 mph time, provided you battery doesn't sag below 120V at 1000A.

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No reason it won't work just fine. I would add a good blower on the motor and I agree with SGC to go with a bit higher voltage.
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